Slow but steady — No race really

Its been an wonderful journey being a new mom since 3 year. my daughter delighted us with lots of sleepless nights, dirty diapers, wet kisses, giggles and lovely sweet emotional meltdowns.

she is 3 now.. and I hope I can resume to my bi-monthly blogging exercises slowly.

now let me tell you.. what did I do apart form playing new mom or changing diapers and feeding her

well I did Shopping… good medicine to fight oout blues if you don’t have time to paint really… I bought lots and lots of art supplies and books… and of course some silver jewelries…

Meanwhile my mystic canvas page has crossed the first 1000 likes .. oh yeah.. and I don’t know how.. because I seldom post my artworks there.. still so many are just lying to be displayed. No time to take photos.

not many big paintings… not many serious works..

I just kept sketching and journaling and buying supplies… those were my motivations afterall…. paints and pencils and brushes and pens and markers and pigments .. so on

let me share some of my sketching works with you..

I will review about the supplies later..

Playground sketches
stormy night from 11th floor balcony
security check post
bedside workplace

as you can see.. I am obsessed with my art supplies and I  have no time to spend in my art corner.. so this is my regular easily convertible work place.

that’s all for today folks… going to slice veggies for lunch…

see you…..

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