My Space

Wish you all a very happy New year 2018. would like to give a glimpse of my new art corner.


after I have shifted to my current location, it was a real tough job  to create a good comfortable art place for me. At first we thought, I need one separate room for my art, then the idea got dismissed as it was nearly impossible to do art in a closed spare room  at this point of time when my daughter needs me the most.

then I shifted my tools and supplies again to our balcony… but it was again very uncomfortable.. its hot and sunny in Summer. wet and windy in monsoon, chilly and breeze in winter.


Hence I again shifted, and my new location is the bedroom.

its really comfortable, workable and accessible, well not very secure though, as my little assistant always lookout for the opportunities to help me around..




its actually very cozy, I must say. I keep my easels at the opposite side of this wall next to the bed.

its easy to do work and keep an eye on my LO while she is napping or doing creative works sort of activities.

my daughter too loved this idea. we both love to stare at them from different perspectives. I see how I can be inspired she looks out for a room of improvement and do the necessary changes, whatever and wherever she thinks its needed. 🙂

We enjoy our studio-nursery-entertainment-creative-gallery-study-bedroom a lot.





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