Carpe Diem- Majorda

Wish you a happy Dasshera,

its been quite along time that I have posted anything here.

I am seizing the opportunity to share with you the experience I had recently at South Goa, Majorda..

“Goa” – the land of beautiful beaches, free spirited locale, old vintage houses, Cozy BnBs, eateries, café, music, shopping and relaxed life., where the North Goa is the synonymous of beach side parties and casinos .. South Goa has to offer you a great place to relax and rejuvenate with its old Goan Charm and heritage houses. cozy cafes and art centers.



Carpe Diem-  Majorda, the place where a five days solo gallery show of my paintings been held from 09th October till 13th October.


I couldn’t resist to sketch down some of their beautiful interiors.

Long Goan Portuguese corridor, leading towards the remote corner of the House .

img_20181019_123848  Old pickle jars- Goan Style

The part of Godinho House has been convereted into an art center with a café . its a place which immediately made us to fell in love with. mesmorizing Goan charm. happy hosts, yummy bevereages and food. a love at first sight.


a very romantic place for sure .


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