Derwent Graphitint pencils– my experience

Graphitint  pencils, I use when I need to draw in dry medium. they have lovely earth tones.. here is my review on those beautiful sturdy pencils..

as the company claims in their description:

  1. It can be Use Wet or Dry
  2.  The versatile Graphitint pencils can be used wet or dry.
    When used dry it provides a graphite blackness to a drawing with a subtle hint of colour, however when water is added the tint transforms into rich, vibrant colour.
    Freestyle Sketching,
  3.  Expressive Lines and Colourful Wash Effects
    Graphitint has the same properties as the Derwent water-soluble sketching pencils with an added colour tint.
  4.  The soft cores create soft smudge-able lines and the wide strips are ideal for freestyle sketching, bold, expressive lines and a fast even lay down of tone.
  5.  The pencils can be blended together for a selection of added tints and hues and this can be achieved by smudging together with fingers or with a Derwent blender pencil or paper stump.
  6.  When water is added the graphite dissolves into rich, colourful tones, and the different brushes of the waterbrush set helps to create a range of wash effects.
  7.  Once the sketches are down on paper the pencils can be sharpened to a fine point to add the final detail.
  • 24 Colours in Tin:


  •  Port
  •  Juniper
  •  Aubergine
  •  Dark Indigo
  •  Shadow
  •  Steel Blue
  •  Ocean Blue
  •  Slate Green
  •  Green Grey
  •  Meadow
  •  Ivy
  • Sage
  •  Chestnut
  •  Russet
  •  Cool Brown
  •  Cocoa 
  •  Autumn Brown
  •  Storm
  •  Warm Grey
  •  Midnight Black
  •  Mountain Grey
  •  Cloud Grey
  •  Cool Grey
  •  White



Now, here its my reviews..

Since they have already summed up in quite a detailed description,

I have nothing more to say on this, i loved these pencils they are smooth, give a brilliant, vivid washes, i also used them as dry sketching tools. I use water brush pens for adding the wash.
here are some examples that I created with Dewent Graphitint pencils.

shape studies of earthen pots, water vases



study from the photograph of my niece.



life and figurative study sketches of my daughter
quick sketches from photo ref
quick sketch and wash from the photo ref

I love do quick sketches with Derwent pencils.. 🙂

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