2019– the year of sketches and studies

Jan 2020

Happy new year.

this is the time of new resolutions.. but I am writing about 2019.

The year 2019 was the year of sketches, small rough paintings. exploring new techniques, understanding the medium I was very scared of. trying to bridge the gaps of technicalities and different approaches. lots of studies, observation, understanding the tools of trade and the its limitations. more over a lot of reading.


I am glad that I got some time to do all these in 2019. since, I had no plans of any exhibitions or showcasing my works,  (till the end of the year almost) so had a lot of time to face my fear of watercolor paintings. I am glad that I have progressed a bit in that too.

but, by the end of the year, there was a sudden opportunity knocked at my door,  I was invited for participating in a group exhibition by one of my senior artists friend from Mumbai, which turned out to be quite a good show after all. lots of views, reviews and interviews.

our exhibition was covered by many local newspapers,  got the opportunity to get interviewed by yourstory.com art segment.


also here


here are some snapshots of that event too


at the end of it. I am happy that got so many different experiences in the year 2019. but I have one regret, I am still not  good at updating my blogs regularly.

I have so much to share in so little time.. lets hope I will be able to do that in 2020.



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