Daily blog- Day 1- A new Everyday blogging habit with daily sketches and etcs– Introduction with few sketches

Sometimes I wonder, what shall I do to have a regular habit of writing blogs. I know its not necessary, but the gap between the blogs are huge.

lets start a new segment called — Everyday art.

so.. its Day One.. 01. Introduction..

I keep sketching or do something related to my art practices. I think its good to document it like a log book.

here are some last week sketches and arrangement of my new handy Daniel Smith palette. thank you Anne-Lauren from the following the white rabbit youtube.com videos for beautiful videos about your color palette and DIY Cretacolor tin palette.

I presently have the following colors

img_20200210_191343316_hdr Hansa Yellow Light – Daniel Smith

Indian Yellow – Daniel Smith

Nickle Azo yellow – Daniel Smith

New Gambodge – Daniel Smith

Quin Gold – Sennelier

Permanent alizarin Crimson – Daniel Smith

Quin Rose – Daniel Smith

Pyrrole Orange – Daniel Smith

Pyrrole Red – Daniel Smith

Imperial Purple – Daniel Smith

Cerulean Blue-  Daniel Smith

Ultramarine Blue – Daniel Smith

French Ultramarine – Daniel Smith

Indigo – Sennelier

transparent Turquise – Daler rowney

Turquoise green – Sennelier

Moonglow – Daniel Smith

Perylene Green – Daniel Smith

Green apatite Genuine – Daniel Smith Primatek

Undersea Green – Daniel Smith

Raw Sienna – Daniel Smith

Burnt Sienna Light – Daniel Smith

Raw Umber – Daniel Smith

Neutral Tint – Daler rowney

Buff Titanium – Daniel Smith

i have also ordered two more Daniel smith colors

Piemonte Genuine and Goethite from http://www.asmall.in

i use Escoda travel brushes and Raphael Kazan brushes- you can get them from www.artlounge.in. can also be ordered through http://www.amazon.in


well.. here are some of my sketches…

Brigade Metropolis – One afternoon
Sunday morning stray Kitten feeding – discussion
from rooftop café cup sup– looking down
Brigade Metropolis – G block lawn
at Masala Chai- Breakfast
Sunday Morning- flower bush
Fair at Brigade Arcade – a monthly shopping frenzy
Phoenix market city – TaTa Cha- Teafe– just Masala Chai.. 
New Set – Prafull Sawant’s Master Artist Set-
Who am I ?
Mint tin box – DIY palette- Daler Rowney Half pans- 6 colors and moleskin note book

these are some of my past sketches.. many are left behind.. lets see, if I can club them at some point and publish it as a blog.. 🙂

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