Daliy Blog -3- story of weekend errands, no sketches and not so old acrylic paintings


weekends are  pretty useless.. at least for me.. doing all petty things, running errands, chores.. but sadly, had no time for sketches , forget about paintings.. not even any time to sit in front of the computer to write some blogs as I promised myself.. . hahhahha… No.. I am not happy..

until yesterday late evening,  I did managed to take some photos of my not-so-old-acrylic sketches. so I have something to post today.

Blowing bubbles– acrylic on acrylic paper
window pane- abstract- trying out new technique 
memories from Kolkata – acrylics 
What do you see– acrylics

these I did, probably in December.. all of them in One single day.. it was a weekday– ofcourse.. and see how weekends are.. no paintings..  not even a scratch on papers..

anyways.. enough of lamenting .. I wish to mention here,, these are all very experimental sketches. developing my style.. changing and evolving the brush strokes..

BTW, these are done with the acrylic paints by Kokuyo Camlin, Indian made Brand. quite vibrant and easy to work with, also very economical, one of the best buy on budget. I heard they have also introduced a heavy body acrylic set, which I yet to try.

For my gallery exhibitions, I mostly use Daler Rowney system3 paints for my large canvases. they are awesome.. very vivid, very creamy. I used their Cryla too.. heavy body, thick and pure pigment. I really love working with Daler Rowney system3 paints.

All though, Acrylics are my main medium of work, but my first choice is always oil.. :)..



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