Day 4- some watercolour sketches with Daniel Smith and Swatches.


I have done some sketches in hurry burry on yesterday.

I also took some photos of my watercolor DIY palette and paint swatches


the more I work with Daniel Smith.. more I am in love with them..


the granulations, colour variations its a feast of eyes..

here is the list of colours that I own

  • Hansa Yellow Light – Daniel Smith
  • Indian Yellow – Daniel Smith
  • Nickle Azo yellow – Daniel Smith
  • New Gambodge – Daniel Smith
  • Auroline- Daniel Smith
  • Cadmium yellow medium- Daniel Smith
  • Quin Gold – Sennelier
  • Permanent alizarin Crimson – Daniel Smith
  • Quin Rose – Daniel Smith
  • Pyrrole Orange – Daniel Smith
  • Pyrrole Red – Daniel Smith
  • Pyrrole Scarlet – Daniel Smith
  • Imperial Purple – Daniel Smith
  • Cerulean Blue-  Daniel Smith
  • Ultramarine Blue – Daniel Smith
  • French Ultramarine – Daniel Smith
  •  Pthelo Blue (GS) – Sennelier
  • Indigo – Sennelier
  • transparent Turquise – Daler rowney
  • Turquoise green – Sennelier
  • Moonglow – Daniel Smith
  • Perylene Green – Daniel Smith
  • Green apatite Genuine – Daniel Smith Primatek
  • Undersea Green – Daniel Smith
  • Vivid Green – Daler Rowney
  • Raw Sienna – Daniel Smith
  • Burnt Sienna Light – Daniel Smith
  • Burnt Sienna- Daniel Smith
  • Raw Umber – Daniel Smith
  • Burnt Umber- White Night
  • Yellow Ochre- Daniel Smith
  • Piemontite Genuine – Primatek- Daniel Smith
  • Goethite Brown Ochre – Daniel Smith
  • Neutral Tint – Daler rowney
  • Buff Titanium – Daniel Smith



these are the swatches and if you see closely, you can even see the granulations.  I just can’t stop staring at them.. :). they look so alive and fresh.


you can see the effect of granulations on this planter of Peace Lily. its been drawn so many times by so many types of mediums… drawing pencil sketches to acrylics.. I never get bored with this really. so does the second one.. the things on my art table..


this is imaginary. I was trying to play with the granulating properties of these wonderful paints.

the paints are costly but worth every buck you spend on them.

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