Blog -5 – some watercolour sketches

here again. with some of watercolour sketches with Daniel Smith paints and Escoda brushes.

Yesterday, I have been to Indiranagar for my daughter’s music class, I generally explore the place on my free time there.

a very quick sktech on spot at Joy of Kitchen – café there. as I had no time to take photo of my finished painting there..  I took it today instead, just before posting.


this café/ Teafe serve Kolkata street foods, Kolkata sweets and beverages. yummy really, those foods are. you can also get a very tasty Kolkata biriyani there with aloo (potato) and hard boiled egg alongside your chosen meat.

in this sketch, these are – one water bottle, a bottle of mustard sauce (we Bengalis call it “kashundi”), sweet tomato sauce, some hot sauce on the table.

I just let the colour flow here at it’s own will.. no control.

img_20200220_163142759_hdr  this was done at my apartment, Anne-Laure Jacquart’s tips came really handy. now I  can move my palette anywhere at my wish.. Magic indeed.. :).

anyway, I was watching some youtube channel on urban sketching.  I thought that table lamp was looking quite interesting to paint with the background of my books from the shelves.

this is another sketch, this bookshelf and the house-shaped coin bank is my daughter’s. I just took 01 rupee from that bank to use it as a platform for that small water container. (btw i have repaid the loan amount with a 100% interest on actuals, already) so that it can sit securely on the magnet attached with the binders clip below.


well, it was done today. I love my daughter’s coin house, she saves her coins there to buy a rainbow car for her father and a rainbow bag for me…  this sketch is a little experimental. I have used a few pen lines for some different and scratchy effects on these sketches.


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