blog 7- A new sketchbook, new watercolour paper and my color obsession– today’s review.. brustro 100% cotton A5 spiral binding sketchbook

well, since I didn’t post blogs in last 3-4 days. I have quite a few sketches already to shre with you. I will post it some today and probably tomorrow the rest of them

todays blog is all about some more new sketchbook and watercolour paper I have ordered previously, which I received on Friday. today its about brustro.

I have painted some more plants from my garden and some swatches .. colour mixing.. 🙂


first Brustro- this time, they have introduced 100% cotton sketch pads, A4 and A5. very easy to carry. compact spiral bind sketchbook with 20 sheets of papers.

they are available at and also, websites.

img_20200222_122936916_hdrpapers are ivory coloured, textured and 100% cotton cold pressed, which means it has more capacity to absorb or hold water, do not buckle when worked in wet on wet techniques, good for professional artists. also amateur watercolorists like me. little high end but worth every bucks. img_20200222_202748358_hdrthis brand is not new to me, as I am using their product since 2013 or so. they were making 25% cotton waterpaper papers previously. which is very good for beginners and even professionals, very economical and comparatively smoother than Indian handmade papers. img_20200222_202713810_hdr as you can see .. the granulations and colour mixing can be very visible. it didn’t buckle.. textured papers, rendering beautiful effect

overall.. I always return to their papers. they never disappointed me.. happy with my purchase..

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