Blog 8- review Arto watercolor papers 100% cotton

today I am going to talk about the new watercolor papers that I have got very recently, previously I have used their papers, but for pencil sketches, which was quite good.

This time I have ordered 100% cotton A4 Arto papers for watercolor. which I found in

I found it very economical too. for beginners its a very good choice for practice.img_20200225_160021425_hdr

its 300 gsm, Netherland origin. (whatever that means) .. papers are manufactured in Malaysia, cold pressed, medium surface 100% cotton.

i really like the paper quality, as it’s 100% cotton and has lot of scope to work in wet on wet technique.


these are the two works, I have done on arto papers. I am really happy with the paper quality. the colors came out really vibrant, would purchase it again for sure.

the short flat brush is from Kabeer brand. they are very nice too, both for watercolour and acrylics.

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