Blog 9- random sketches of house and outdoor and Tea

here in last two days I have sketched in and around our locality.

for me art everyday is like a medicine for the well being. without it.. my life is very bland, very boring.

my daughter goes to Indiranagar every Wednesday. so last Wednesday, i’e day before yesterday , I visited the teafe, owned by which I used to go very regularly when I was staying in that locality.

though I had ordered some snacks and a Kashmiri Karwah tea, but unfortunately I couldn’t finished them and ended up carrying them back home.  but I did finished the sketches there, though.


I had 30 mins or less than so..from put a set up for my sketch tool and book and finishing it up as well as eating my snacks.. so I concentrated on finishing the work instead.  😀


yesterday I didn’t sketched much, because, I was busy writing the blog and doing some acrylic paintings on the canvas board. but I did managed to paint quickly the table lamp on my work table, while watching a movie on amazon prime.


as usual, I am very pleased with the  granulating effect of Daniel smith paints, and also the escoda travel brushes are just great, you can actually carry them in a small pocket inside your bag. this one is Escoda Ultimo no 8 , synthetic squirrel travel brush. I have one 12 and 3 versatil brushes 6, 10, 2.. which imitate the real kolinsky sable brushes very well. I also have one no 4 Prado brush. for small detailed work.

the steal body looks so classy. just love that silvery glow..


This quick sketch is done today on Moleskine notebook, 200 gsm, while I was having my breakfast at the nearby café called Masala Chai.

img_20200228_111456711_hdrtts a very very quick watercolour sketch, couldn’t do justice with the feature as the man sitting in front of me just left within 5 mins., so its just the posture and the matter.

BTW, I love Darjeeling Tea.. its in my every order. just love the aroma and smooth crisp taste, which awakens my mind.. just like a loud snap..


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