The Lockdown and some blabbers

well, its a long long days for all of us. as the new Covid 19 virus has made the world to stand still for quite sometimes.

All the big and busy bustling cities are eerily closed, locked down, sealed, most of us are at home.. trying to brake the chain of Covid-19 infections., outside there are numerous front line worriers doing their best to contain this unknown threat and helping us with the essentials.. still, there are thousands of unaccountable sufferers, who got stuck in the middle of these, suffering, dying, lamenting, scared and uncertain.

but we all are fighting the battle… somehow we are facing it together. things are grime, everywhere, but not without hope.


we are Human, humanity thrives and the flourish at the hard time.. always..  we are always hopeful. We are the dreamers. we all expressively or secretly believe in the happy endings and we truly believe… things always come true when you actually believe in it. that’s make us get going.


Sometimes, when we complete our daily extended chores and get a little time to sit and have a cup of tea or whatever preferred beverages we get, we tend to ponder, we try to accumulate our scattered thoughts and worries.. but at that time, it feels like all our worries and melancholy goes down with every sip of that smooth silky liquid.. . comforting our hearts and wary headsimg_20200306_210039735_hdr

and once again, we become hopeful, rebooted and with bliss… positive thoughts feels our hearts, there comes the gratitude and we feel that, not all is lost.. nothing ends in fact.. its just another push back.. its actually the time to  Love, Hope, Care, sacrifices, solidarity, conserve, reform, rejuvenate and re think how to revive that has been lost.. and act accordingly.

and that’s makes us Human.

we start to dream again, the unfinished, broken dream. the Hope makes us going. …


as we believe…Everything will be alright… Everything will be fine… in fact better than before..

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  1. Love the loose style. I am on a journey to sketch the same way because my heavy hand sometimes renders my sketches are bit too rigid (for the want of a better word).


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