Long Gaps Since April

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on my website, mostly because I am lazy. I have severe problems with writing down my thoughts, as most of the time I find I am stuck with the nitty gritty of the language which is not my mother tongue or simply because I am little overwhelmed with my own thoughts and the idea of expressing it..

Though I struggle with the words of course but I enjoy my own time with the art table and the supplies.

Since the mid of 2019, I am kind of obsessed with the watercolour paintings and the more I learn I find it equally interesting and deep.

my art tools.. tools of trade or per say tools for wellbeing

I simply started with my Ink and light wash initially, but in 2019, I thought lets give a try to do some loose watercolours, I then bought books by renowned watercolorist Hazel Soan and started the practice and understand the trade.

I must say at first, it was scary, expensive and overwhelming but at the same time rewarding… oh yes.. it is.. it has all the ability to change your focus from all the other mediums you have worked with.

I realized, that its becoming a kind of attachment, like you find when you start falling in love with someone, for me..

Glimpses of May.. as the lockdown continues I become busier than ever…

Statistics of Covid 19 rises and touching new records everyday, lockdown continues and I become busier than before, time for self has become less, but I steal some for me to be with my little set of watercolor box containing vivid pigments.

Meanwhile the monsoon approaches and my eyes ponders over the changing sky colors and the passing clouds, announcing its yearly visit.

I am a “Pluviophile”– Person who loves rain.. so can’t ignore the beauty of rainy stormy cloudy days ..

Monsoon Medley

while my sky gazing continued, I made some more design like sketches.. like journals in watercolor.. occasionally writing my thoughts on them. which I still continue. its so so fun to do..

in June in participated in annual 30 X 30 direct watercolor challenge .. well, I will write about it, but that’s for another blog.. till then.. lots of love and hugs..

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