Day2- trying out 2 new Daniel Smith tubes


its day 2 of my blog-

yesterday I was trying out two new very popular Daniel Smith tones — Piemontite and Goethite- brown ochre

Imaginary rocky landscape- playing with Daniel Smith Granulating colors

Piemontite Genuine – A very versatile granulating deep ruddy violet Primatek color

and Goethite- Brown ochre – is a dark tea color in mass tone and washes out to a rich warm tan, its highly granulating with pools of light and dark in every brushstrokes.

colours used


I am also smitten with a sennelier color – Turquoise green – absolutely stunning vibrant greenish blue.. its like teal blue of Daniel Smith… if I am not making any mistake.

here I wish to mention some more granulating colors by Daniel Smith

Green Apatite Genuine – highly crazy granulation. a fresh yellow green to deep olive.. a single tube can has that range. you can actually see the brown settles out of vibrant green.. great for texture and forests..

yesterday I went to see an Exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parisath , organized by one of my artist friend and curator – Sarbani Chatterjee.. what a feast of eyes.. that was. its on till Sunday.

anyway,  this is another quick sketches of my daughter drinking lemon water, by using the same  DIY palette.

img_20200215_104226511_hdr-1I know, I have probably messed up the shapes and proportions.. watercolor is non forgiving on making any changes once done.. so what’s done is done.. . but still it was yesterday’s work. as I promised myself that I will keep posting everyday– irrespective of works being messed up.. img_20200215_104245366_hdr-1

.. that’s all for today. happy Saturday.

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